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At TBL we have many services on offer. But nothing is so close to our heart like React native application development. React native is a platform that makes it possible to build rich and highly interactive mobile UI applications for all major native platforms (iOS, Windows, and Android) using Javascript. The primary focus of React Native is to enable developer efficiency on all available platforms – you learn once, you write anywhere. Did you know Facebook uses React Native in most of the applications? Yeah, perhaps it is one of the many reasons why you should hire react native developer to build your mobile apps. Our TBL team of developers has phenomenal experience in developing Android apps, Video Games, Unity 3D, Firebase and Application Engine in App development, web application development, Facebook apps and iOS apps all meant to run on smartphones. This is something we’ve been doing for a long time and have amassed a huge number of clients from 17 countries including Canada, United Kingdom, Al over United States, Dubai, Australia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, France etc.

Perhaps you’re asking yourself about the need to hire react native developer. Here are the benefits of having us develop react native applications for you:

We will use the same code to applications meant for a range of platforms; Windows, Android or iOS thus saving you the cost of having to hire different developers to create different applications.

Applications made using React Native are really efficient and have a great user experience. A functionality found in one native app can be found in another. Besides, applications are fascinatingly easy to use. This means your clients or staff will be really impressed to use them.

The development period is going to be short since the code used will remain same for different applications on different devices.

Unlike other options such as MeteorJS or AngularJS, React native concentrates on the overall user interface. It creates a highly responsive interface with improved load time thus cutting the frustrations often experienced by the rushing clients.

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